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                      This is Phoenix Prime reborn. A SG for those that want to kick back and have fun. 

What is Phoenix Factor and How do I become a member if intrested?
1.) Aside from the obvious of being a Super Group for the game City of Heroes, what is Phoenix Factor?
Phoenix Factor is a group of like minded individuals, looking for fun and making friends while experiencing a great MMO like City of Heroes. 

2.) What are the goals of Phoenix Factor? 
Goals of Phoenix Factor would include: Making friends while playing a super cool game, world domination, and whoever dies with the most toys wins. Kidding. Seriously, we have no real goals except for the 1st one I stated here. We dont look to be the highest leveled players, or who has better looking super hero. We just want to have fun and make some friends along the way.

3.) What does Phonenix Factor seek to accomplish or achieve? 
The hopes of adavancing in game, helping one another unselfishly, commitment to the team, sacrifice yourself and xp to lend a helping hand and so on. There is no "I" in the word TEAM. We are all one. We want to achieve friendship and Fun. 

4.) What is the motivation behind Phoenix Factor? 
Well, Myself and a friend started this, and the motivation is that whatever I set out to do, I like to follow through and do it 110%. I am motivated to make this a team people want to be on, they want to be a part of the friendship, cammaraderie, and fun that we have both in game, and on forums. 

5.) What motiviated the Team Leaders to create Phoenix Factor?
To be honest....Fun, Friendships, and love of Comic books and super heroes.

6.) What seperates Phoenix Factor from the other Super Group Teams?
I believe this goes back to our non-dictator style. We dont boss people around, tell them what to be or what powrs to have. We are just a group of people, who dont want the B. S. you can get in other types of guilds. Now, does this mean were B.S. and drama free? No. There are always instances where upon people will have some form of disagreement. It is nature in every means of the word. But its the ability to pass it as "water under the bridge" and move on. 

7.) What does Phoenix Factor offer their members that the other Superhero Teams don't? Clean Bathrooms!!! Just kidding again. Sorry, but thats what we offer. FUN. LAUGHTER, CAMMARADERIE. Letting our hair down, realizing this is just a game and not some religious cult following or something. We just have a cool site for our members to mingle and get to know one another, as much as you can by forums of course.

8.) What is the average Security Level of the team?

9.) Describe the ideal member that Phoenix Factor hopes to recruit.
Someone who is fun-loving, easy going, looking for cool people to have fun with while playing a cool game. Someone who is not selfish. Someone who is willing to say, "I dont know everything, and I am willing to learn, or I have experience, and am willing to share". Someone who wants to be on a team for all the reasons thats defined when you look up the word "TEAM". 
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